Paws for Preservation

🐾 2021 Fundraiser in Support of Local History 🐾

The Townsend Historical Society is pleased to announce its first ever Paws for Preservation Fundraiser. Applications are now being received for candidates for our cutest animal companions. Submissions are just $5 per application. Any and all pets (fish, hamsters, cats, dogs, goats, rabbits, horses, etc.) are welcome.

The winners of this contest will serve for one year as honorary Mayor of Townsend and the official mascot of the Townsend Historical Society. The animal with the most votes wins the election. One winner will be selected from the small (domestic pets) and large (farm animals) categories.  The wining duo will be announced during our September Arts and Craft fair and hold office for 1 year.

Some of our many animal companions. We look forward to meeting your pets!

Votes for candidates may be made through $1 donations via Eventbrite. Funds go directly to assisting the Society’s mission of preserving our local history. There is no limit to how many times you can donate to vote. Applicants are encouraged to share the contest with friends and family to help spread the word. We hope to see lots of furry friends compete for the best in show.

Applications for Canidates

Applications are accepted April 1st through May 30th. The application fee is $5 and is non-refundable. Voting will be conducted June 1st through August 30th. Votes are $1 each (no limits to the number of times you can pay to vote). Separate applications should be provided for each pet. Mailed or electronic submission of documents is accepted. Don’t forget to include your photos!

Please read the following application carefully as the rules of this contest. Failure to follow these directions and rules is grounds for rejections or removal.

Sample Candidates

The following list of pets is a sample list. Actual candidates for voting will be posted on this site by May 30th. Check back soon!

Milo the Cat (Small Category) :

Milo is a Townsend Historical Society regular, participating in the monthly Board of Directors meetings. When not volunteering, he enjoys laying in the sun, his owners lap, chest and face with no regard for personal space. He is the loving companion of President Ryan D. Hayward.

Roxy the Dog (Small Category) :

Roxy is a devoted German Shepherd whose passion for chasing balls runs deep. She enjoys long walks in the woods with her human companion and sleeping upside down when the day is done. She is an affectionate sidekick who turns three this year!

Ranger the Horse (Large Category) :

Ranger stands out among the crowds, literally. At seventeen hands, he is usually the first out on trail looking for adventure with his owner. His favorite place to explore is Arcadia National Historic Park. When not leading the charge, he is at home snacking on apples and carrots.

Voting Information

The link for voting will be posted to this webpage on June 1, 2021. All tickets will be available for purchase through Eventbrite. All posts and updates will be made here, on our news page, in our newsletter, and on our social media accounts. Please check back often once the fundraiser begins.