Arts and Crafts Fair

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A Virtual Event throughout September, 2021

This year, the Arts and Craft Fair will be a virtual event in order to celebrate Artists, Small Businesses and Vendors who will offer their high-quality items to you online. We are striving to have one of the largest assemblages of quality crafters in north-central Massachusetts. Please join us and help us make this new take on our annual event a success!

The Townsend Historical Society seeks artisans and crafters of hand made goods for our virtual event this year.


We are excitedly planning the 40th Annual Townsend Historical Society Arts and Craft Fair. We invite you to join us for our new virtual event. Under normal circumstances, we would be gathering on the Common, seeing familiar faces, enjoying food, music, and the handiwork of over fifty vendors. As we know far too well, these are not normal circumstances. We are unable to have the physical fair this year so have moved to a digital format in order to showcase your skills and products. We have always strived to be a destination marketplace and are confident this temporary format will be a great way to celebrate the arts. Thank you for your continued support as we make this anniversary event the best fair to date. We look forward to hearing from you and highlighting your work this fall and to see you in person in 2022.

Please read the following information carefully as the rules of the fair are outlined here followed by the application form. Failure to follow these directions and rules is grounds for rejections or dismissal.

Fair Requirements: The Event is Juried…

The Townsend Historical Society is looking for vendors that have quality, handmade products that show creativity and technical expertise. Components of the products that are not handmade must be of high quality and should not dominate its appearance. Factory-produced items or objects made from kits are unacceptable. Photos displayed on our website must feature handmade items as noted in the application. The Jury will have the final decision on if items are acceptable. We are relaxing our requirements but every effort must be made to feature handmade items.

Approval Process: The fair coordinator will pre-screen applications for completeness and forward acceptable documents, including photos, onto a three to five member jury who will ultimately accept or decline the application. Rejected applicants are encouraged to resubmit if they can rectify any problems noted. Accepted applicants will receive an email confirmation if their application has been accepted. Late applications will be rejected.

Categories of Work (but not limited to):

  • Baskets, botanicals, glass, leather, woodworking, metal casting, dolls, jewelry
  • Fiber and textile arts like knitting, rug braiding, rug hooking, embroidery, quilting, weaving, spinning, sewing
  • Artwork, calligraphy, photography, prints, wood carving, clay
  • Foodstuffs such as honey and bee products, small batch preserves, bread, etc.

Artisans who are willing and able to virtually demonstrate their crafts are certainly welcome to the fair. We can highlight any event online at our website, social media or after the fact replays.

IMPORTANT:  Photographs of your work and of your display must accompany your application. See details in the form for specific requirements. Failure to provide all the required information is grounds for rejection.

DeepWater Dye Works offered a rainbow’s worth of hand-spun yarn and hand-dyed fibers.
Space Allocation

All space is virtual; there will be no in-person activity this year. Our website (part of will be a digital directory style page which organizes artisans into categories and will feature six images of their hand-made products. We will also include an image of the crafter and/or their business if they have a physical location. There is room for each vendor to describe their products, their business, have a brief one line biography and a link to their website. This same information will be shared on all of our social media platforms, newsletters, and in local newspapers.

Sales Responsibility

All sales will be direct and handled by the applicant. We expect vendors to be attentive to messages and questions. The Townsend Historical Society will not be responsible for fulfilling any orders.  All inquires will be forwarded to the appropriate vendor.


The Arts and Craft Fair will be live from September 1, 2021 through September 30, 2021, 24-7. In the month leading up to the fair, we will provide press releases to local newspapers, advertise on every available social media platform, event calendars, and put up flyers. During the 30 days the fair is active, we will highlight one or two vendors every day to generate traffic for every participant. Our website and social media has a very active following and while we cannot guarantee sales traffic, we will make every effort to generate interest.

 Vendor Donation

Returning this year, the Society will be conducting an online raffle to generate additional interest. We are asking vendors to make a donation of your product, worth at least $15. We ask that all vendors contribute and provide a basic description so we can determine the space we need for our storage. Your donation directly helps offset any expenses for the fair.

Deadlines and Application Fees

Deadlines for application to the fair are as follows:
Through July 31 – $25
August 1 to 20 – $35

As a juried show, no applications can be accepted after August 20th, 2021.
(2 weeks prior to the event)

A $10 fee applies to cancellations on or after August 1, 2021. No refunds will be issued for vendors that cancel after August 20th, 2021.

There is a $10 fee for any checks postdated, unsigned or returned for insufficient funds.

About Us and Event History

The Townsend Historical Society is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of our local history. Headquartered in the historic Reed Homestead in Townsend Harbor, the organization maintains an archival center, museum and four other historic structures clustered in the heart of a former industrial village along the Squannacook River. Our collections span three centuries of history and we seek to share them by building bridges that connect to all aspects of everyday life. We welcome and encourage new members from all parts who share our passion for history, Townsend and the preservation of the arts and crafts.

    Since 1981, the Townsend Arts and Craft Fair has been dedicated to providing an outlet for quality vendors and their wares. Our community is an excellent backdrop for this event. It is home to dozens of individuals who work hard to keep old traditions alive. The community is situated on major crossroads with traffic traveling in all cardinal directions. North-central Massachusetts is known for its antiques trail, apple picking, and as the gateway to the Monadnock region. The digital fair will draw on this local and regional tourism, and advertises extensively in order to receive the widest possible exposure. Our success has been measured through seeing familiar faces matched by new visitors. While we will miss that interaction this year, we look forward to a whole new format to continue the fair. Our community and our dedicated following very much look forward to having fifty or move visitors in our digital event.

A view of Townsend Center in 1880 showing the Townsend Town Common, the heart of our community.


 If you have questions, please call us at 978-597-2106 and leave a message. You may also send an email to Have other vendor friends? Our Arts and Crafts Fair application and packet is also available here on our website: