A New Vision

The Townsend Historical Society is looking to embark on a re-imagining of the organization. This vision is as exciting as it is bold. It will create a unified campus through landscape & hardscape design and tell the story of life in an Industrial Village. It will unify our campus with a working Grist Mill at one end and a commercial venue at the Harbor Meeting House at the other end. These buildings all inter-relate and, together, tell the story of family, work, and social life in New England.  The vision is to create a place where people will come again and again from near and far to walk back in time.

The complete Vision Statement: Executive Summary and Vision Committee Notes are  available for review by clicking the following links:

Once this vision is accepted, two committees will be formed. We will be asking for volunteers to serve on these committees. The success and implementation of this will rely on your involvement!

Endowment Committee: This committee’s charge is to develop and execute a fundraising plan to reach our goal of a two million dollar endowment.

Strategic Committee: This committee will take the work of the Vision Committee and create a 10 year strategic plan that lays out short and long-term goals that relate to the implementation of the vision.