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Colonial Cooking – Lobster in Cream Sauce!

Every historian worth their salted butter knows that the redcoats (a.k.a. “lobsterbacks”) were the scourge of the Continental Army, but did you also know that lobsters themselves were looked down upon just about as harshly by 18th century New Englanders? We’ll find out more in today’s colonial crustacean cooking adventure! In addition to their well-documented…

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Historical Happy Holidays!

All across Townsend, trees are being decorated, cookies are baking, people are strategically hanging up mistletoe, and last week’s blizzard and this week’s impending heat wave are sparring to decide whether it’s going to be a white Christmas! It’s that jolly time of year again when we create what Charles Dickens might have called the…

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18th Century Election Cake!

Election Day is here and that means one thing: 18th century cake! To celebrate our hard-earned right to vote, we’ll be baking an Election Cake, a New England tradition going back to the 1700s! In fact, these cakes have been part of our region’s dessert menu for so long that before we even had elections,…

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