Paws for Preservation

🐾 2021 Fundraiser in Support of Local History 🐾

The Townsend Historical Society is pleased to announce its first ever Paws for Preservation Fundraiser was a success! We have received a number of applications and the winner is Cosmo the Cat! He will serve as honorary Mayor of Townsend and the official mascot of the Townsend Historical Society. We will be back in 2023 with a new round of candidates. If you’re interested in participating, send us an email!

Cosmo the Cat:

Cosmo is an extremely handsome, 15-year-old cat, whose passion for historical preservation is matched only by his passion for hunting mice.  When he isn’t hard at work, he enjoys lounging in sunbeams, spending quality snuggle time with his family, loudly meowing, and dreaming up ways to make the world a better place.  A rescue cat, he knows what it is to overcome adversity, and hopes that someday all cats are able to find loving homes like he has.

2021 Candidates for Paws for Preservation:

Many thanks are owed to all of the candidates for this fundraiser. If you see them around town, feel free to give them a pet for us!

Milo the American Long Hair Cat :

Milo is a Townsend Historical Society regular, participating in the monthly Board of Directors meetings. When not volunteering, he enjoys laying in the sun, his owners lap, chest and face with no regard for personal space. He is the loving companion of President Ryan D. Hayward.

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Bentley the Dog:

Bentley ~ also known as Mr. B is a 6 year old red Toy Poodle. When not relaxing in a patch of sunlight at his home in Townsend, he can be seen traveling and visiting many dog friendly establishments throughout the United States. Bentley is a gentle soul, some might say a pampered pooch. He is carried more than he walks, prefers to be hand fed and enjoys a fresh glass of ice water before bed!

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Haku the Bearded Dragon:

Haku is a Bearded Dragon who would like to run for Mayor because he thinks he is in charge. He likes to wear his patriotic gear. He has lived in town his whole life and looks forward to meeting many of his neighbors.

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Freya the King Shepherd:

Freya was born in the Adirondacks Region of New York* but completed her formal sit/stay education in Massachusetts. This industrious King Shepherd currently holds two full-time paw-sitions. She is the Branch Manager for her mom’s real estate business and is a visitor notification consultant (a.k.a. the doorbell). In her spare time (18+ hours a day), she enjoys being mistaken for a shag rug, digging to the center of the earth, and seeing the world from upside down. *converted to Red Sox Nation!

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Sisi the Dog:

Named for the Austrian Empress Elisabeth,
SiSi takes her role as Queen of the Daily Walk very seriously. Half Chow Chow and half mystery, she is wary of the attention she attracts but can be persuaded with the right snack. Beloved of her family and scourge of chipmunks everywhere, SiSi enjoys nothing more than being outside on a cool, sunny day.

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Izze the Cat:

Izze favorite thing is food. His favorite toy is FOOD. His job is FOOD. His hobbies are looking for FOOD and telling people there is no FOOD.

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Greta the Cat:

Despite her ancestral ties to East Asia (descended from the Asian Leopard Cat), Greta has a profound interest in German language and culture. She’s loud when she doesn’t get her way, which is often. Thus, she tries to get ‘her’ mom’s twin babies to do her bidding.

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Sasquatch of Townsend Hill:

While his stature is small, his spirit is mighty. Thought to be the only remaining sasquatch on Townsend Hill, his diet consists mostly of discarded birdseed, stale grass clippings, and the fear he instills in even the most intrepid door-to-door solicitors. SoTH is currently working on his family tree and hopes to discover ties to one or more U.S. Presidents.

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Voting Information

Please click here to be taken to our Paws for Preservation Eventbrite page. Beginning on July 1, 2021, you can purchase votes for $1 each for the candidates listed above. There is no limit to the number of times you can vote. Please note fees and tickets are non refundable.

Some of our many animal companions. Thank you for your participation!