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The Townsend Historical Society has a wide assortment of books, note cards, postcards, and more. To purchase any of the items listed below, please visit our online shop, contact the Office via email or telephone. Please note that Sales Tax and Shipping are not included in the prices below and are an additional cost.

Postcards, Note cards and Bookmarks:
Designs by Samuel S. Thorpe Jr. All items shown are $1 each. Note cards come with envelopes. They may also be purchased in bundles of five cards for $5 each set.

Images of America: Townsend
by Townsend Historical Society
This photographic history of Townsend illustrates the town’s growth from three separate villages into one town, and the struggles and triumphs of the residents who shaped the town more than geography or boundary lines. The images come primarily from the Townsend Historical Society’s large and diverse collection of photographs, post-cards, and glass plate negatives, although some were loaned by Townsend residents specifically for use in the book.
128 pages; soft cover, $21.00

History of the Town of Townsend
by Ithamar B. Sawtelle
First published in 1878, this text is the first comprehensive history of Townsend and details two centuries of our history. The book is neatly organized into chapters which explain our founding, local topography, settlement, development, industries, notable residents and more. This text is a must have for any historian interested in our local history.
546 pages; hard cover, $50.00 or soft cover, $35.00

Divinty and Dust
by Richard N. Smith
History is always waiting to be uncovered. A century after the first history was released, our own local historian Richard N. Smith published his own look at our rich and diverse history. This narrative based text offers great insight into the various facets of everyday life. It is a great followup to the earlier History of Townsend by Ithamar Sawtelle.
401 pages; hard cover, $50.00 or soft cover, $35.00

The Last Muster
by William Wornham
Townsend is rich in military history. This book is a survey of the Civil War veterans buried in our local cemeteries.
36 pages; soft cover, $12.95

The Civil War Diary of George E. Clark
Transcribed by Alice Avery Struthers and William Wornham
George E. Clark was one of many locals who participated in the Civil War. His diary, extending from November, 1864 through January of 1865, is a rare glimpse into time away from home.
pages; soft cover, $5.00

A Village Hooped in Steel
by Richard N. Smith
For more than two centuries, Townsend was an industrial epicenter for barrel manufacturing. The dense white oak forests deep within central Massachusetts meant the community could convert endless raw materials into finished product for market. What started as an appealing wintering occupation transformed a rural community into an industrialized factory town. Smith recounts the story from beginning to end in this well written history.
204 pages; soft cover, $7.00

Other Publications:
The Townsend Historical Society has a number of rare and out of print publications available from time to time. The gallery below has some of the titles currently available. Please contact us for prices.

Wooden Miniature Townsend Buildings
Cooperage: apprx 4¾” x 6½” – $16.50
Bandstand: apprx 3¾” x 4¼” – $13.95
Memorial Hall: apprx 6¼” x 8” – $18.00
Reed House: apprx 4½” x 6½” – $16.50
Gristmill: apprx 4¾” x 3¼”” – $13.95