Covid-19 Updates

Dear friends,

Spring is in full swing. The birds are chirping, flowers are blooming and the trees are starting their foliage. Normally, I’d welcome the mix bag of weather we’re receiving as a sign that our first programs are not too far off. Unfortunately, Covid-19 has pumped the brakes on all our upcoming spring offerings. We have postponed several events, so be sure to check our events page for when they will be rescheduled. We do want to make sure they take place this year, but the current global climate may change our minds as summer appears on the horizon.

If you’re wondering what we’ve been up to, you need look no further than our social media accounts to know we’re active behind the scenes. Once a week, we make sure that your memberships get processed. Thank you to our new members and those that have renewed. We rely entirely on your support and this year will be a difficult one. We ask that you stand with us as we continue to save and preserve your local history. We’re saddened to know we will miss an entire class of third graders from the Spaulding Elementary School. We’re also dealing with the inability to open the Reed House for tours in May. We’re pleased to report though that the Grist Mill has been cleaned up for future visits. We hope to have the building open for tours during our other open house weekend hours. Taber has been sharing his culinary expertise, and I must say it makes me eager to get back and use the kitchen hearth and taste history. Last, he has shared a number of artifacts from the collection. No doubt this makes our clothing and general collection committees wanting to jump back into cataloging when the stay at home order is lifted. Truthfully, the museum is empty without our volunteers and staff. A house is not a home without its family.

Please do continue to write us and share your history questions, memories and more. We can continue to provide remote feedback in this troubling time. We’ve been here for more than a century and will continue to support the great community which we call home in whatever way we can.

Stay Strong!

Grist Mill rear room before cleanup.
Grist Mill rear room after cleanup. All of the items in this room are now neatly stored in the attic. This will allow us to use this space as the one room schoolhouse for our third grade program.

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