Volunteers Wanted for 2021

The Townsend Historical Society is building bridges to connect history with multiple disciplines and we need your help! We’re looking for new volunteers to undertake work for longtime members who have retired. The organization brings together many talents under one roof and we work cooperatively to celebrate our rich heritage. Administrative, archives, grounds keeping, and more; come be a part of the fun. Currently, we are looking for:

– One or two persons willing to help us continue to care for our grounds (tree trimming, pruning, clearing, etc). If you didn’t see it, we have a fantastic gardener caring for the front and side yard gardens. This will be more general help around our museum and other buildings. The more beauty, the better!

– Two persons to assist with collections. We have one of the largest collections of everyday history. We need to ensure they are properly cataloged, photographed, and placed in the right archival material. These are community memories and we want to share them with our audience. This is the first step. Some work can be done on-site and others at home.

– There are two openings on the Board of Directors. This position requires attending a virtual meeting once a month, in addition to about 2 hours of homework. The Board governs the organization on behalf of the membership. We welcome all candidates but especially those with any background in business, finance, and fundraising.

– An assistant Arts and Craft Fair Coordinator to tackle planning for a potential 2021 fall fair (fingers crossed).- Two people to assist Board Members to take on membership building and fundraising for the 2021 season. We have some ideas and want to make sure we accomplish our ambitious plans for this year.

– One person to serve as the THS newsletter coordinator to ensure our publication goes out regularly and on schedule.

Love history and don’t see something here? Send us a shout out via email and we’ll see if we can find something for you. There is ALWAYS something history related that can be done. In any instance, we will train you to get you up and running. Brief letters of introduction can be sent to the Townsend Historical Society email at: townsendhistoricalsociety@yahoo.com or by calling 978-597-2106. We look forward to hearing from you!

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