Member Meeting on September 22

The Spaulding Grist Mill needs work and we need you, our members, to approve of the plan!

We’re just a week away from having our member’s meeting. Please join us on September 22, at 7PM virtually. While we are disappointed we could not find a safe and suitable indoor venue that would allow us to stream and be safe during this pandemic, we will be moving forward with the online meeting via Zoom. Please look for our email or shoot us an email to get the link (as the last thing we want is to be Zoom bombed…although we’re not sure if that’s even a thing anymore.

The purpose of this meeting is twofold. First, our president, Ryan D. Hayward, will provide an overview of our buildings and financial situation. Then, two projects are on the docket for approval. We need to approve a plan of attack for the Spaulding Grist Mill. We have raised $22,000 to date but it requires more investment from the Society. We look to our members for their yes votes to move the project forward in 2022. The other project is a maintenance plan for the Harbor Church. The Society has an interested party looking to help THS restore this building to income generating status. We need the members to review the plan and approve of keeping the building and approving the work.

The presentation is available for review in draft format. We’ll present this document and then take questions and comments and vote to approve the work (or not). We look to our members to continue to drive the direction of the Society. We’re hoping to bring long term sustainability to the organization so we can turn our attention to collections, finishing smaller tasks and getting back to what we all love most…our local history.

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